How to Maintain a Clay Coating

This is the point where you can learn about how to clean and maintain a ceramic coating vehicle. So – let’s get cracking.

Tip #1 Never take your car to an automatic car wash

If you’re ceramic coated vehicle has brushes, mop-type cleaning pads, or curtains, the best way to damage it is to drive it through a car wash. These car washes are quick enough to ruin ceramic coatings. The soaps used have a pH of 6.5, which is similar to industrial detergents. They are also designed to last and provide soft cleaning.

Tip #2 Use a pH Neutral Shampoo with No Wax.

A glass-coating also blocks UV rays like a paint protector film. This is something that some spray coating products cannot do. The coating will harden and leave a very flat, or hydrophobic, surface. This reduces the likelihood of contaminants sticking to the topcoat, which makes it easier and faster to remove dust like brake dust.

It is not necessary to use an aggressive or harmful car shampoo or bar for cleaning the surface. It is best to use a pH-neutral, non-added wax car shampoo. The wax residue can stick to the coating and reduce its hydrophobic qualities. This can lead to more debris sticking onto the wax making it less effective.

Tips #3 – Wash the car in low light

Washing your vehicle in low light conditions is always a good idea. You can wash and dry your vehicle best on a cloudy day, at dawn, or shortly before sunset. This is because the sun can quickly dry soap on top, leading to streaks.

Final Thoughts: Keeping a Ceramic Coated Vehicle Clear

It takes planning, research, and hard works to ceramic coat your vehicle. It is best to consult a professional if you are going to have the vehicle coated with a high-quality professional-grade, ceramic coating.

You will be best served by a professional Auto Protective that offers a car paint protection with best coating of ceramic with a guarantee. They want to make sure you have a great experience.

How to Keep Your Car’s Ceramic Coating Looking Great

You hired a professional company recently to apply a clay coating to your vehicle. Now you worry that it won’t hold up or will wash off. You want to keep your car looking shiny and new for as long as possible. This is why we have three tips for maintaining your car’s glass-ceramic coating to extend its useful life.

1. Wash your car often

Professionals suggest washing your car every 2 weeks to remove all the contaminants and dirt that has built up over time. Your vehicle’s hydrophobic property will be maintained by washing and decontaminating its paint.

The ceramic coating previously applied to your vehicle makes it easy for dirt to be wiped away and your wash mitt to glide effortlessly across your car. Thanks to the ceramic coating’s hydrophobic characteristics, drying is easy because water doesn’t easily stick to the surface.

2. Remove water spots and decontaminate the car

While ceramic coating services can have many benefits, it’s not perfect. To prevent water spots from damaging the paint on your car, dry it thoroughly after every wash. Shaded areas in the shade will give you better results.

Ceramic coatings are resistant to most contaminants. However, they can still be contaminated. You will need to use a more aggressive technique to remove them. Get professional ceramic coating companies to help you extend the fresh look of your car.

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