What is Strawberry Cough Cannabis Strain?

Strawberry Cough has been classified genetically as a Sativa, although much is unknown about the origins of this powerful Sativa.

Because Strawberry Cough’s high quality is unmistakable, even for those who have been marijuana-consuming, it doesn’t matter what its origins are.

It is addictive for those who give it a try. In lab tests, Strawberry Cough buds containing a high amount of THC have been rated as having a 15-26% THC content. Although not as potent as other strains, it is still suitable for people who want to feel elated and euphoric. They will also experience a lot of energy and can melt away any tiredness or fatigue in as little as 10-15 minutes.

Strawberry Cough can be described as a more complex Sativa strain. It does not have the same uplift and energy as other strains, but it is very relaxing and mellow.

Some sativas can make your body jittery or cause your mind to race at full speed. Strawberry Cough, however, is different. It enhances your natural state of mind and wires you in your ability to focus and motivate while keeping your heart rate low and your mind sharp.

 This strain is best for energy boosts during the day or when you want to socialize but need to wind down.


Strawberry Cough’s overall aroma is, as its name suggests, primarily strawberry. It smells like fresh summer berries in a field. There are some undertones in the smell profile, such as skunk and earth notes. This could explain why this strain of marijuana can cause coughing. It immediately takes over any space it is in and lingers for a while even after the buds have been removed.


Except for a few subtle differences, the flavor is very similar to its aroma. Although the overall flavor is rich in fruity strawberries and hints of the earth are present, it’s also similar to eating a freshly picked berry straight out of the dirt.

Strawberry cough is a must-try strain for stoners. The tropical berry sweetness and subtle earthy notes of grass perfectly contrast with the sweet strawberry flavor.

Aftertastes are spicy and herbal and can remain in the mouth for a long time after the smoke has stopped. This flavor profile will delight your taste buds, with the strawberry being both delicious and very sweet. It will satisfy even the most severe sweet tooth.


The buds of Strawberry Cough look great. They have a variety of colors that complement each other well. Sugar leaves come in shades of violet, neon green, and yellow. There are often bright orange pistils or small hairs that curl amongst the frosty, Smokey leaves.

The sugar leaves are densely covered with trichomes and take on a crystalline appearance that closely resembles the first frost of this year when roads develop a thin layer of ice that shines under streetlights.

Strawberry Cough Cannabis Grow Information

Strawberry Cough is an easy strain to grow, and most people agree.

This crop is suitable for beginners. It practically takes care of its growth. Because the crop is very bushy, it doesn’t need any support to grow well. It does this all on its own. This marijuana variety can thrive with little maintenance. Regular pruning and proper ventilation are important to ensure that the crop flourishes.

Strawberry Cough can be grown both indoors and outside. However, it must be grown in a climate that is suitable for its growth. The strain likes temperatures between 70-85°F and 21-30°C, which includes overnight.

You can maximize your crop yields by finding a way to keep temperatures as high after the sun goes down. Because the crop grows medium-high, it takes up less space than other Sativa strains. It can also be grown indoors in any space with a low ceiling, so it can be used even in small spaces.

Strawberry Cough flowers for 9-10 weeks. Outdoor harvest is usually in the early to mid-October. On average, outdoor yields yield 14 ounces of usable bud per plant. Indoor yields yield on average 14 inches per square meter.