How to Form A Research Panel for Your Online Survey and Their Pros and Cons?

No online research can offer you a good result unless you have selected a good number of qualified respondents for your survey who can answer your questions confidently and accurately. Often this becomes a major hurdle while conducting any online market research.

Often people are not sure what should be the sample size while conducting any research. A very large number of samples may not assure you that your research results reflect what the fact is. Therefore, your goal for conducting any meaningful survey should be to select a few groups of respondents who may properly qualify for the subject of your survey.

OvationMR is a well-known market research company having the website who is involved in various online market research on B2B as well as B2C survey has got their dedicated group of respondents, whom the company uses to get the right response about any project that is taken up.

Find your target respondents through research panels

There are a few panel companies that recruit survey respondents out of the people who are ready to take part in various surveys. These panel companies will have the data about their respondents so that they can select them based on the topic of their survey.

When these respondents have agreed to participate in your survey then they will be ready to share plenty of information about their personal info, household info, including their demographics, which the panel company can use for selecting for a certain survey.

These companies also pay a very nominal amount to these respondents for sharing their opinions and views about any kind of product that they must have used. This group of respondents creates a research panel for any survey.



  1. Accessibility

When there are respondents readily available on the panel then they will be easy and convenient to access.

2. High response rates

Since the respondents are given a certain incentive for responding, hence the response rate will be high.

3. Fast responses

Having a group of respondents readily available and hence no effort will be necessary to search them.

4. Get quality response

All the respondents are selected based on their profile and hence their response is likely to be more accurate.

5. Cost-effective

No extra effort will be necessary to look for any qualified respondents and hence no extra investment will be needed to find them.


1. Level of engagement

Respondents may not be emotionally involved with the project.

2. Absence of an interviewer

No scope for further questioning to the respondents.

3. Non-probability sampling

Quite a few respondents may not be available for a number of reasons like lack of connectivity, availability of their time or lack of interest, etc.

4. Data quality

Respondents will be more interested to receive the incentive rather than answering correctly.

If you can manage to get the right respondent for your survey then the results that you will predict will more likely be true.