What Are Some Of The Side Effects Of CBD Oil

The cannabis plants date back to about 8000 BC and were first used by humans as fibers. It has been a food source so the side effects are not new to people. Cannabis has been used throughout history and it has so much importance. People nowadays take Cannabis in the form of CBD oil to reduce stress. It provides relaxation to the mind and provides good sleep.

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Side effects of CBD Oil

  • Cause of dry mouth

The most common side effect of taking CBD is having a dry mouth. Further, when the oils are associated with THC, the cannabinoid receptors in the body produce the saliva. This causes dry mouth in most people. The receptors CB1 and CB2 are present in the salivary glands. The best way to prevent it is by brushing your teeth twice a day.

Drink plenty of water after taking CBD to stop the dry mouth from happening. CBD tinctures and sprays cause dry mouth so you can switch to different consumption methods.

  • Causing nausea

Nausea is another common effect that people face since it is not easy to digest. Likewise, CBD contains additives and is a supplement as considered by the FDA. If you face nausea almost regularly when you take CBD, try to reduce the dose. Or you can also switch to a free CBD brand that doesn’t contain additives.

  • Causing allergy

CBD oils create allergies in the body like skin rashes and hives. It also causes itchy skin, nose, breathing problems, etc. The Sativa plant is such a common allergen for so many people. You can’t prevent allergic reactions if you are taking CBD oils daily. It’s best to talk to a doctor in this case.

  • Loss of appetite

People change their appetite frequently when taking CBD. It means there can be an increase in appetite also, but people tend to lose it. About 1 in every 10 people face appetite problems. CBD helps to calm the digestive tract that can cause nausea. The only way to avoid this is by reducing the intake of CBD supplements.

Is CBD safer than all other prescribed medicines?

CBD is a good alternative to other prescribed medicines. Also, CBD is not that addictive and you can leave it anytime. It also gives mild side effects than other treatments. After taking CBD, it usually takes about 10 minutes to show the effects in the body.


With increasing popularity, more people are interested in taking CBD products. You can take it in any form you want. Further, find out the right CBD and the dose you have to take. The dosage varies from person to person.